Freedman, D. Z., & Van Proeyen, A. (2012). Supergravity.

String theory

Polchinski, J. (1998). String theory.
This is one of the main reference texts on string theory. It is as complete as it could be when it was published in 1998. One thing that I particularly like is that it contains a lot of technical computations with the right amount of details, consistent notations throughout and (at least in the recent editions) few (no?) typos, which is truly remarkable.

Becker, K., Becker, M., & Schwarz, J. H. (2006). String theory and M-theory: A modern introduction.
This is a good complement to Polchinski's book, which includes more modern topics. The presentation is lighter, with less computations and more text. It contains solved exercises, which is quite rare for a textbook at this level.