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Welcome to my personal Website ! I'm a theoretical physicist at Institut de Physique Théorique in CEA Saclay,

Before that, I held the Junior Research Chair at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, and I worked at Université d'Oviedo and at Imperial College London.

I also own the Youtube channel Scientia Egregia dedicated to theoretical physics and mathematics.

My research interest lie at the crossroads between theoretical physics and pure mathematics. On the physics side, I mostly work on

  • Quantum field theories (conformal field theories, gauge theories, supersymmetric theories), more specifically on their non-perturbative aspects (monopoles, instantons).
  • What I like to call "Exceptional systems" (for instance superconformal theories in dimension greater than 4, symmetry enhancement, dualities), with a classification goal in mind.
  • String theory, and more specifically its non-perturbative aspects (brane systems, orbifolds, orientifolds, M-theory)
In order to study these problems, I call upon various branches of mathematics, among which:
  • Group theory (Finite groups, Lie groups and Lie algebras), representation theory, invariant theory and GIT, quiver varieties. The underlying idea is to use as much as possible the (internal or external) symmetries of the physical systems to constrain their behavior.
  • Algebraic geometry, Kähler and hyperKähler geometry, Hodge theory. Supersymmetry is an essential ingredient in physics which allows to rephrase many question in geometric and often algebraic/complex geometric terms.
  • Combinatorics, graph theory, modular functions and forms, Hilbert series, toric diagrams etc. Here a central idea is to use combinatorial data (like quivers or toric diagrams) to define geometric structures, and to characterize physical phenomena.